There are many reasons why you may need support in your child’s current school or help to get placement at the school of your choice

A local authority will tell you that they are doing the best they can, but we know it’s not always true, they have a habit of using language to give you hope and systematically fail you all at the same time!

As the Ninja I offer a free town hall meeting every month to virtually meet you, give some simple ideas to make your life easier.
An opportunity to work together, without any obligation, and the chance to chat with someone who understands.
Additional appointments can be booked to obtain further advice. I understand how difficult it is to get childcare and time to focus, with an SEN child, so I offer the flexibility of telephone calls,  video conferencing or face to face meetings at a time that works for all.
My role is to support you with whatever you need; from being a sounding board, and someone to vent to through to reviewing documents, filling in paperwork, identifying solutions or coping with a diagnosis. I understand the complexities of trying to do the best for your child, whilst working & looking after the rest of your family.
I have a team of experts that I call upon when needed, from speech and language through to barristers, every specialism is covered.

I can attend any meeting or tribunal as your advocate, giving you support and guidance.

But it’s not all about me, your kids are special, and you clearly want the best for them

That’s why you are here, looking for more

You are Amazing!

You have come this far and found me -
now, let me help you the rest of the way


Hear how I've helped other SEN families