SEN Groups

Client Free Facebook Group - The SEN Ninja Community

SEN can be isolating, difficult to manage, not knowing where to go, who to turn to and with parents often feeling defeated

My facebook group is where you’ll find lots of information on local events freebies, news, special offers and promotions.

A safe virtual place to meet other parents in a similar situation to you. A place to seek support, advice & solutions. A chance for parents to share what works ( and what doesn’t! ). Social events where parents can come together, put faces to names in the group and to make friends.

We aim to help, motivate, inspire and make you smile. You are not alone.

Join us – Together, We’ve got this!

Buying and Selling facebook group - Selling SEN Stuff

Selling SEN stuff is exactly that.

This group is all about helping others get use out of toys, books, clothes and anything SEN related that you no longer need.

This is an ideal place to grab yourself a bargain or two!


Consultancy rates are charged per hour. They cover time on phone, web or face to face meetings and cover reviewing paperwork, building and submitting tribunal cases or attending meetings with you as your advocate.
Meetings can be held at the clients address, at the SEN Ninja office, at a mutually agreed location or virtually.
We no longer attend hearings as parent representative but can support you up until the bundle/case review stage - by which time we have usually acheived consent from the LEA
Prices from 1st June 2021