Consultancy Fees

Our consultancy rates are charged per hour; they cover time on phone, web or face to face meetings and covers reviewing paperwork, building cases or attending meetings/tribunals with you as your advocate.

Meetings can be held at the clients address, at the SEN Ninja office, at a mutually agreed location or virtually

Prices from 1st June 2021

Monthly Paid Membership - The Dojo

As an alternative to paying for private consultations, or going it alone,  we have an affordable monthly membership offering all the same info from SEN Ninja – just in a format that you can access when you need it and any time night and day.

Our Dojo – is an affordable online learning membership with explanations, tips, video lessons on how to navigate the SEN process , ‘How To’ guides and  templates.   Everyone in the membership has access to the Dojo facebook group where we will discuss the learnings, get bonus content and interact.  There are weekly evening and daytime live surgeries with the SEN Ninja so that you can ask questions or find out how the learnings relate to you and your child. 

Knowing you are part of an exclusive family, with ongoing support at your fingertips is priceless.

The Dojo gives members private access to The Dojo facebook group with mentoring, Q&A sessions, events,  advice, support with good humour and direct access to the SEN Ninja.

There are freebies, special offers and promotions just for you.

The doors to the Dojo  opened on the 1 August and anyone is welcome to join the membership.

‘Come Join us – Together, We’ve got this’

£27 monthly membership